This week in the Tuns

Beer garden

So earlier this week one of our regulars began work on making some improvements to our beer garden. The idea is to build new furniture out of refinished pallets and build them into the garden as well as creating new flowerbeds and adding some LED festoon lighting.

Its only a rough plan, but it’s a big job for one man to do on his days off as the pallets require sanding and refinishing before they can be built into furniture.

What we’re looking for is any interesting ideas first and foremost, but if anyone has any spare pallets in good condition they could donate, that would be wonderful. If anyone fancies coming down and giving us a hand getting stuff moving along, that would be even more appreciated.

We’d really love to turn a somewhat sad looking garden into something people could happily spend a day or night in, so any and all suggestions are welcome.

Sheriff Hill pubs

We have a great weekend ahead. Plenty reasons to come out and support the Tuns.

It would be nice to feel that sense of what the Tuns is all about this weekend.

Just a few years ago, there were five pubs on Sheriff Hill. We now have only two, one of the best music bars in the Northeast is one of them.

We’re here for you; you’ll always have a great night in the Tuns.