What`s happening

Looking forward to February

We’ve a great month of music to look forward to in February.

Friday 1 – 1977

Saturday 2 – Wham Bam Thank You Mam (Bowie Tribute £3)

Wednesday 6 – Russ Tippins’ Buskers

Thursday 7 – 4 bands showcase event

Friday 8 – Blackjack

Saturday 9 – F M

Wednesday 13 – Russ Tippins’ Buskers

Thursday 14 – 4 band showcase event

Friday 15 – Black Ice (AC/DC)

Saturday 16 – Rushed (Rush Tribute £3)

Wednesday 20 – Russ Tippins’ Buskers

Thursday 21 – 4 Band Showcase event

Friday 22 – SkaToons £3

Satturday 23 – Rigid Digits (SLF tribute)

Wednesday 27 – Russ Tippins’ Buskers

Turkey sandwiches

Forget about those Christmas leftovers, we’ve a lot going on in the Tuns over the next few days.

Tonight, we’ve our great battle of the bands final. Whatever your taste in music, you’ll find something you’ll like.

On Friday, 28th, the Fantastic Tubesnake will be live in the Tuns. With a massive range of material, there’ll be something for everyone.

Then, on Saturday 29th we have Groovetrain, who’ll be bringing us a night of funk and soul at its best.